Who was brooke from harlem heights dating

» Forget everything you've heard about Brooke Crittendon.

This Syracuse University grad is nobody's gold digger.

The only reason I’m still watching is for the SERIOUS fashion!!

If I had to pick a favorite on the show, it would be Brooke (I’m feeling Ashlee, as well, but more for personality). She’s FABULOUS, pretty and eventhough seems to have it all together, really seems lost out of all the cast members. I was really looking for pics of her hair, when I ran across this clip.

Just in from vacationing in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand, Brooke came back to meeting after meeting and interview after interview of which was one.

She sounded fresh and enthusiastic as she talked about the afterlife-life after the big break-up, life in reality land and her future plans in real time. Brooke Jasmyn: I work for Viacom and BET is one of our channels.

Brooke saw it as a chance to show the world that she holds titles other than that of the ex-arm candy of Kanye West.She may teeter on stilt-like stilettos at parties and on the red carpet but she protects her toes by going up a shoe size.B also gave a couple of other tips like “keep hair and makeup on point – it’s all about the gloss – and develop a signature look.” Her style signatures include the shag cut with highlights she rocks and quirky earrings.While conversing with the Keri Hilson look alike, it turns out that any rumors of her being a gold digging diva are just that.With the philosophy that every woman should have her own, “gold digger” just doesn’t fit this clutchette.

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