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Until recent years, if you were looking for the best radar detector under 0, the Escort Passport 8500 X50 was it.

But production ended and the torch was passed to the Escort Passport X80.

I replaced a eight year old (original) Passport 8500 with this newer 8500 X50 model.

The professional tests and reviews all seem to confirm that this unit is worth the money and compares favorably with the higher priced brand.

Once the range-topping Escort, the Passport 8500 X50 slotted into the midrange of the lineup. For example, it lacked the GPS technology of its upmarket siblings, the Escort i X and Escort Max 360.

Aside from early warnings of nearby speedtraps, the system can also be used to lock out nuisance signals causing false alarms. No USB means no firmware updates, making the 8500 X50 susceptible to obsolesence.My unit also came with a handy zippered carrying case, a nice touch if you travel a lot with rental cars.The supplied power cord is is a coiled 'Smart cord' cigarette lighter type.The two are similar under the skin—both use the Escort M4 platform—and they have similar performance.But the X80 has upscale features missing from the 2002-vintage 8500 X50—Bluetooth, for example.

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