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Then we go around squawking about how poorly everybody else in the world treats us.We all hope to be forgiven for our minor indiscretions ("I’m busy", "I’m late", "I forgot"), but we don’t want to do much forgiving ourselves. Matt’s email has inspired me to write a longer piece on this for, but here are a few of the perfectly reasonable reasons that a woman (or a man) might not write back to you.What if you just start to get comfortable with another guy and you can see a future with him and he pulls the disappearing act on you?How can you ever trust anyone again when you don’t know who was to blame for what happened?What’s the deal with engaging in e-mail conversation with women, things are going fine, and then out of nowhere, for no reason, they fall off the face of the earth?I really don’t get that and think that women do it much more than men. ======================================================= Tons of thoughts, Matt. First, a related story: I have a client who is a super-busy career woman in her early 40’s who has a thousand things on her plate. "Many women conclude that men who disappear have no manners. They would write back and forth a few times and make tentative plans to meet. So last Wednesday, when he popped up in her inbox once again, her first thought was, "Ignore his email", but her heart softened. He seems like such a nice guy...but, what if he disappears again?

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Then I pointed out to my client that she was a very busy person herself.You have no clue why he suddenly stopped all contact and you frantically call and text him to make sure he hasn’t been in the terrible accident that keeps replaying itself over and over in your imagination.When you get no reply to your anxious voicemails you begin leaving messages that quickly turn angry, demanding that he give you an explanation.We had tried to connect recently but I was really busy and so was he and it just didn’t happen.So he reached out to me again a few weeks ago to see if I was still interested in meeting him and I said sure.

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