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Yifat meets Nati, a childhood friend who is now a successful doctor, and he introduces the two women to his roommate Amir, a recently divorced teacher.Reut, a high-earning accountant who is also a religious feminist, joins their small band.Srugim, which dealt with controversial issues in the Religious Zionist society in Israel, caused a public uproar within that sector.It enjoyed high ratings, from both the religious and non-religious sects in Israel, Yifat and Hodaya, who went to an all-girls school together, now share an apartment in Katamon, the hub of religious singles' social life in Jerusalem.The five are all Religious Zionist, unmarried and at their late twenties or early thirties, and must cope with a society that expects people to get married early. When she confesses her feelings, he admits he knew it all along but does not reciprocate.

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Brings together individuals of various backgrounds, to engage in Israel-themed social, cultural and educational events.From Tell el-Ajjul, Cypriot products, especially pottery, copper and bronze, were distributed throughout the southern Levant, including Transjordan.2 Jewish Singles I know it's short notice, but there's a Toronto Jewish Film Society film this Sunday at that I'm going to see and thought you guys might be interested in joining me...The prosperity of its Canaanite inhabitants is evident in discoveries of elaborate gold jewelry, vast amounts of imported pottery and an unprecedented number of scarabs.Taken together, the findings indicate more 500 years of undisrupted trade between the seaside Canaanite town and other Mediterranean peoples, notably the ancient Cypriots.

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