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The study includes discussion that may affect teachers' and learners' considerations of the value of NNS chat room interaction for second language development.

LANGUAGE LEARNING VIA INTERACTION AND REPAIR MOVES Social interaction is essential to language learning, according to the arguments presented by studies based in the communicative approach to language teaching (see, e.g., Hall & Verplaetse, 2000; Lantolf, 2000; Long, 1983, 1996; Pica, 1994).

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You may use this facility to create a chat group on Paltalk in which you are the administrator of the group.ABSTRACT Despite the expanded use of the Internet for language learning and practice, little attention if any has been given to the quality of interaction among English L2 speakers in conversational text or voice chat rooms.This study explored the patterns of repair moves in synchronous non-native speaker (NNS) text chat rooms in comparison to voice chat rooms on the Internet.All religions and faiths and belief systems welcome! bonjour et bienvenue a tous dans le salon de le-salon-des-bon-amis et a toute attention cette salon est réservé au français belge italien anglais etas uni canada espagnole Irlande U. Welcome all who come in peace to the oldest Gorean city on Buzzen. Post an entrance if you want to participate in Roleplay or start a conversation!

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