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All photographs were taken with the permission of speed dating participants.Photographs come from speed dating events of different age categories, Czech or English speaking.Emily: Today’s question is from a listener who says he feels deceived by outdated pictures on online dating sites.He writes, “Dear Farhad and Emily, I’ve been online dating for just a short time and have run into this sticky situation twice now.We of course don't recommend deciding your speeddating participation based on photographs.It is really a coincidence what people you will meet at speed dating and a past performance is not an indicator of a future one. Then use the arrows to navigate through the pictures. In the larger detail of the photograph, you can find out at which speed dating event it was taken.Here are six examples of what will get you tossed back into the sea. Baby on board Why they're clicking "next": Featuring a picture with a baby does not make you look sensitive, it makes you look like you have a child. If you happen to look really winning in your nephew's birthday snap and you can't possibly crop the tot, go ahead and include it in your gallery (not as your profile pic) and make sure to explain its origins in the caption.Otherwise, you're that weird dude/girl at a "Dora The Explorer" bash.

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In one case, she just provided headshots and used group photos to hide her body. She included pictures of her entire body, but must have used pictures that were very old.Which leads us to the biggest obvious observation of all: When it comes to online dating, looks do count.Before you start ranting and foaming at us about inner beauty, blah, blah, blah, we're not talking about how lustrous your mane is or how exquisite your bone structure. what pictures you choose when baiting the hook that catches the fish of love (mmm, wriggly).It is just a random sample of a population; sometimes you will like more attendees, sometimes less.And if you are surprised that we don't have more pictures, ponder first if you yourself would consent to having pictures from speed dating publicized.

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