Card captor sakura dating

The broadcast details, staff, and cast will be announced at a later date.With nothing left to lose, ordinary high school student Haruka Shinozaki confesses to beautiful, diligent class representative Akiho Kōsaka and to his surprise she accepts.See also School Sport Uniform and School Swimsuit, for when the girls wear something that shows a little more skin.This is mainly a Japanese cultural trope but is found prominently in anime.JS is "Joshi Shougakusei" or "grade-school girl", "JC" is "Joshi Chuugakusei" or "middle-school girl" and "JK" is "Joshikousei" or "High-school girl" are not as common now in Japan as they once were, the vast majority of anime girls still wear them.That Japanese has such a compact, productive phrase for this image implies that it's an important archetype in the Japanese psyche, and this is borne out by how often sailor-suited school girls still appear in both manga and anime.We offer a diverse menu full of mouthwatering choices including a large selection of made to order appetizers.

Many Japanese men refer to them under the nickname "JK" or "JC"technically, "JC" actually refers to junior-high-school girls.Forget the stereotypes…Poopy’s Pub n’ Grub is not a traditional restaurant or your typical biker bar.Instead, it is great food and drinks served in a relaxed laid-back environment. She is the main character from the Cardcaptor Sakura manga and anime series.She is a happy and friendly girl with magical powers!

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