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Just as the smartphone dating app Tinder is being heralded as the death of romance in the West, a Khmer-language clone has been launched in Cambodia.

But how much will cultural differences determine how it’s used?

Tinder – the first smartphone dating app to use a “swipe” gesture to accept or reject potential matches based on little more than a photograph – was first launched in 2014.

As stated above, Cambodian dating culture is similar to that of traditional Thailand with Theravada Buddhism very influential in both countries, but Cambodian women and their families are even more traditional in their outlook.

The only people I saw were old foreigners who drink more beer in one day than the average German in a lifetime.

Just be careful that you don’t fall for the wrong girl, just because she has the brightest smile.​Cambodia has a dark side that you hopefully stay away from. I’m not a saint but this is disturbing, dangerous and disgusting. As a decent man who wants to know how to get a Cambodian girlfriend who doesn’t work in a bar, you have to overcome one major stumbling block. But I have to continue to study Thai.​Cambodia is a relatively small South East Asian country with 15 million inhabitants.

When it comes to romance with regular Cambodian girls, you should be fully aware that success is not for the feint hearted.

The idea that Cambodia is like Thailand was 30 years ago might not be that accurate in some ways, but in terms of the dating scene it isn’t a bad comparison.

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