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Now that Shinedown are making a roar at rock radio with their single "45," the group hopes to pay tribute to the Van Zant family by releasing the Skynyrd song "Simple Man" as the next single."It's my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song," Smith said.Shortly after returning home to Knoxville, TN, Atlantic dropped the band but retained Smith.He was soon given a developmental contract by Atlantic Records; Brent left to find other musicians to form a new band which would become Shinedown." Even the man in the moon disappeared Somewhere in the stratosphere Tell my mother, tell my father I have done the best I can To make them realize This is my life I hope they understand I'm not angry I'm just saying Sometimes goodbye is a second chance Brent has always been very open in discussing the meaning behind songs.Smith tells audience members how this one was on the hardest songs for him to write because it's a story about saying goodbye to his parents and chasing his dreams.Sometimes parents need to let go of their children and let them find their place in this world.I am sure fans will agree that we're glad Mom and Dad Smith let Brent walk his path in life.

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Their son, Lyric, was born in 2008 and pair parted ways shortly after because despite their love, he had to get clean and sober for their son.

Is it like some of that good cough syrup like Lil’ Wayne uses? We like to do a higher end of a mixture of codeine and like an herbal tea extract.

So then we took those songs, we took twenty of those, and each day, for two weeks, Monday through Friday, we pitted them against each other.

We took two songs per day, and we would put it on Facebook and the fans would vote for which one they wanted to hear us cover.

And then that song would win, whatever song it was going to be, and then we knew the ten songs that we were going to do the covers for.

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